Back From the Lake

August 5, 2009

TubingThe Banana Boat


Happy Birthday, Dad!

July 30, 2009

Custom Made Birthday Card

Totally Totem

July 29, 2009

So I discovered this cute ‘project’ known as the Scribble Project and I just had to do their totem-pole contest! You can find out about it here! Anorak Magazine is gratefully choosing 10 out of–what I think is more than 100 entries now–and placing them in its issue!

Here is my totem!

Blank Totem

And I couldn’t help but color it, as well.

Colored Totem

More Sketches

July 28, 2009



Polaroid Picture

Polaroid Camera


July 27, 2009


Update! So I went to the dentist today, hence my shining inspiration for my sketch. Loads of fun (can you detect my saracasm?) but a few things struck my mind while there. First, that irritating scratching they do to your teeth–sounds and feels like nails on a chalkboard! Second, do dentists see up your nose? Ew, I know, right? But the thought did cross my mind. And lastly, I wish they’d let you in on their “dental” talk (numbers and codes). How am I suppose to know what they’re saying is good or bad? I will never know.